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About Us

In 1997, the Metsanurme Society (NGO) was established in order to represent the home village and manage village life. Several summer residents are also members of the Society. Within 15 years, the Society has been quite active: the members renovated an old building that had been used in the past for threshing and kiln-drying grain, and turned it into the village hall that houses also the village museum.
There is laid out a 9-kilometre long Metsanurme - Ɯksnurme hiking trail
NGO Metsanurme offers different services:

  • organizing Estonian national evenings (local food, music, atmosphere)
  • premise rental for different events (seminars, celebrations etc)
  • camping
  • accommodation in camping houses (separate shower & WC)

Welcome to Metsanurme!
Additional information:,  GSM +372 53065503


     Midsummer Day festival         Fire-place room in village hall             Home-made bread 
   See more pictures in Gallery (Galerii in estonian)  

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